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Sir P. T. Sarvajanik College of Science (Autonomous)

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With the aim of popularizing Mathematics not only among the students of the college, but also in the South Gujarat region, Department of Mathematics established the Mathematics Club on 4th August, 2012, which is unique of its kind.
  • To organize lectures of eminent mathematicians.
  • To show Video lectures of eminent mathematicians.
  • To organize sessions regarding solving mathematical problems.
  • To publish Mathematics Newsletter and distribute among the members.
  • To organize various competitions like elocution, quiz, poster making, power point presentation competition etc.
  • At the end of the year, awards will be given to the winners of competitions.
Club Activities:

Lecture on Career Opportunities in Mathematics was organized by Mathematics Club of Department of Mathematics to address the various job prospects and scope of higher studies after under graduation study. Students are also encouraged to participate in different available competative exams for pursuing higher studies in prestigious institutes of India such as NITs, IITs, NISER and IISER.

Prof. A. R. Rao was a twentieth century Indian Mathematician who promoted Maths among youngsteras. In honour of Prof. Rao, The A. R. Rao Mathematics Contest-2022 was organized by Mathematics Club of Department of Mathematics, Sir P. T. Sarvajanik College of Science, Surat for the first, second, and third year students of the college to enhance their interests in the field of Mathematics. Bundeliya Harsh Jitendrakumar (T.Y. B.Sc) has secured 2nd rank in all over Gujarat & 9 students have qualified for certificates in A. R. Rao Mathematics Contest-2022.

 The Physics Club was established on August 19, 2014 with the purpose to popularize Physics amongst public at large.

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of pertinent facts and discoveries in all branches of Physics and related disciplines.
  • To provide students the opportunity to engage in activities related to Physics.
  • To popularize Physics amongst public at large.
Club Activities:

The Department of Physics under the banner of Physics club frequently organizes activities to popularize Physics at large. As a part of it, a lecture was delivered by Prof. Viresh Thakkar on "Michael Faraday: The Greatest Experimentalist". All the participants enjoyed the lecture delivered by Prof. Viresh Thakkar and it ended with a prolonged question answer session.

The Physics club of the Department of Physics organizes various activities to create a learner friendly environment. Students of 3rd year Physics have Astrophysics as a part of their syllabus. To give them actual piquancy, the Sky Gazing event was organized by the Physics Club of the department. Students have enjoyed observing the various extra-terrestrial objects through the telescope and also learn the subject through the experiential learning method.

The Chemistry Club was established on September 12, 2014 and inaugrated by Padmashree Prof. R. K. Hosur from TIFR, Mumbai.

  • To provide platform for everyone to come up with their own ideas and skills.
  • To create awareness about latest research and breakthroughs in the field of chemistry.
  • To build interest in the study of subject by organizing workshops and seminars. 
  • To do something apart from the classroom teachings and textbooks. 
  • To approach with creativity towards problems in chemistry through group discussions.
Club Activities:

The Chemistry Club of the Department of Chemistry have organized a lecture on “Career Opportunities in Chemistry” to make the students aware about various job prospects in Government and private sectors as well as opportunities of higher education after completion of UG/PG courses in Chemistry. Students were encouraged to pursue higher studies from prestigious institutions in India viz. IITs, IISERs, NISER, NITs etc.

The Chemistry Club of the Department of Chemistry prioritizes better learning environment for the students. In this regards, several public lectures are organized. A public lecture on “The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2021 and the Science Behind” was delivered by Dr. S. S. V. Ramasastry of Department of Chemistry, IISER Mohali who is also a Swarnajayanti Fellow. It was an exceedingly insightful lecture.

  • To provide a forum for the discussion of pertinent facts and discoveries in all branches of environment and related disciplines.
  • To aware students about environment.
Club Activities:

Regular visit of Zoology students at Vermi Compost unit under the guidance of SMC staff Mr. Nitin Patel (SSI). The visit was for the collection of casting and separating worms from compost.

Under Eco club, Zoology Department has organized a Lecture on Tiger reserve of Namdapha National Park. Speakers were Mr. Minom Pertin, Member of Society for Education & Environmental Development (SEED) and Mr. Mayur Varia, Field Biologist at Namdapha Tiger reserve Project.


In 2016, a one of its kind, the Bicycle Club was setup by the college with 24 cycles purchased from the support of the alumni and wellwishers from the society at large. After successfully running the activity for a year, in 2017-18, the demand for additional bicycles was received by the college office. As a result, 6 new bicycles were procured bringing the total to 30.

  • Objective of the Practice: Sensitizing the students on the importance of sustaining environment.


  • Involvement of the students and inclusion of various stakeholders for a collective awareness and implementation of the sustainable environment practice.
  • Need to convey a message on carbon footprint, reduction in use of fossil fuel and also health management.
  • Riding a bicycle is a visual message that reminds not only the user but also the people observing the rider about their valuable contribution to an eco-friendly approach to environment consciousness and it hints at the possible solution to the current environmental catastrophe.

The Bicycle Club rents a bicycle to the students for their daily use and commuting from their home at a nominal rent of Rs. 50/-. The student has to deposit (fully refundable) Rs. 1000/- as a guarantee to the college office. Normally, the bicycle is rented to the student for a period of one semester. At the end of the semester, the student has to either return the rented bicycle or ask for an extension into the next semester. The desirous students are screened via parents’ permission, the distance of their place of stay from the college, undertaking to care for and use the bicycle daily.

Helping Hand is the group dedicated to help individuals who are visually impaired or specially challenged. We want to make the college environment more accessible to people living with disabilities.

The teacher’s Physics department underwent an online training program in collaboration with XRCVC, Mumbai for a whole day which was aimed at sensitizing the faculty and at the same time how to deal with visually challenged student so that they can fill at ease while doing Physics practical's and theory in general. The trainers from XRCVC, emphasized the importance of the way teachers interact with a visually challenged student. It opened up eyes of the faculty who decided to do their best in the interest of such students.


An online content creation training for visually challenged was organized in collaboration with XRCVC, Mumbai on 24th September 2021 in which students of our college volunteered them selves. During the training program expert trainers from XRCVC extensively taught students about how to create tactile diagram and audio material for visually challenged student. Students were also gets sensitize for such visually challenged student. The training was well received from the students of the college.