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Sir P. T. Sarvajanik College of Science (Autonomous)

Re-Accredited A+ with CGPA 3.35


Date of event/activity

Name  of the event/activity


10-09-2016 “An Inter-College Power Point Presentation Competition” on “Neutrino Theory of Beta – decay” 
11-09-2016 A. R. Rao Mathematics Competition
15-09-2016 “An Inter-College Essay Writing Competition” on “Gravitational Waves”
20-10-2016 “National Competition on Essay Writing in Physics (NCEWP)” by IAPT
21-01-2017 IAPT RC – 7 is a state (Gujarat) unit of IAPT. It has initiated a new activity from this year, named “Competition on Physics Experiments”, CPEx – 2017
21-01-2017 Power point presentation Competition by Mathematics Club
21-01-2017 Project Competition Mathematics Club
22-01-2017 NGPE – 2017 Examination
31-01-2017 Inter College Elocution Competition(Wadia Women's College, Surat)
09-02-2017 College Elocution Competition
16-02-2017 Power point competition_Chemistry
18-02-2017 Poster presentation competition_Chemistry
22-02-2017 MCQ Test_Chemistry
23-02-2017 A Science Fair was organized by B K M Science College, Valsad on to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of their management. 
23-03-2017 Kulin Smruti Nibandh Spardha(MTB Arts College, Surat)-Essay writing comp.


06-07-2017 National Competition on Essay Writing in Physics(NCEWP 2017)
05-08-2017 College Elocution Competition
05-08-2017 College Essay Competition
19-08-2017 Poster Making Competition by Mathematics Club
03-09-2017 A. R. Rao Mathematics Competition
13-09-2017 College level Poster making  Competition on "Physics in Space"
15-09-2017 Inter College Essay Competition on"Einstein's Therory of Stimulated Emission & LASERs"
21-12-2017 PPT competition - organized by Department of Mathematics, VNSGU, Surat (Ronak Jain - B. Sc. Sem VI)
19-01-2018 Inter College Elocution Competition (Smt. Kusumben Kadakia Arts and Comm. College, Ankleshwar)
21-01-2018 NGPE 2018 Examination
25-01-2018 Musical Morning (Sur Sangeet)
30-01-2018 Power point competition_Chemistry
31-01-2018 Scientific Poster presentation competition_Chemistry
01-02-2018 Chemistry Club logo designing competition_Chemistry
05-02-2018 Inter College Poster making  Competition on "Gravitational Wave"
06-02-2018 Inter-Collegiate Youth festival (VNSGU, Surat)-Light Vocal Music
07-02-2018 College level CPEx
14-02-2018 Inter College Power Point Presentation Competition in Physics.Theme of the Competition:"Galvanometer-The Basic Measuring Instrument"
15-02-2018 Inter College Elocution Competition
15-02-2018 CPEx Competition
17-02-2018 Inter College Quiz Competition Physics
01-03-2018 Essay Competition_Chemistry


30-07-2018 College Level Power Point Presentation Competition on"Great Experiments in Physics"
01-09-2018 College Elocution Competition
01-09-2018 College Essay Competition
09-09-2018 A. R. Rao Mathematics Competition
22-12-2018 Poster Making Competition by Mathematics Club
19-01-2019 Musical Morning (Sur Sangeet)
20-01-2019 NGPE 2019 Examination
02-02-2019 Inter-college power point presentation competition at V. S. Patel College of Arts and Science, Billimora
13-02-2019 Inter College Elocution Competition
14-02-2019 Inter College Saptdhara Contest-Vocal Music (MTB College, Surat)
12-03-2019 Essay Competition_Chemistry
23-03-2019 The quiz competition held at Indian  Meteorological Society- Ahmedabad Chapter(IMSA)
06-06-2019 Inter-Collediate Youth festival (VNSGU, SURAT) - Mono Acting - 
2018 Prof. A. R. Rao Mathematics Project Competition-2018


20-07-2019 Inter College Essay Competition  and Poster Presentation Competition Physics
31-07-2019 College Elocution Competition
31-07-2019 College Essay Competition
20-08-2019 College level Power Point Presentation Competition Physics
20-08-2019 College  level Quiz Competition
22-08-2019 Inter College Power Point Presentation Competition
22-08-2019 Inter College Quiz Competition
23-08-2019 Poster Presentation Competition_Botany
26-08-2019 Inter-college Quiz Competition at V. S. Patel College of Arts and Science, Billimora
27-08-2019 College Level Elocution Competition in Physics
28-08-2019 Power point presentation Competition by Mathematics Club
31-08-2019 Elocution Competition_Zoology
01-09-2019 A. R. Rao Mathematics Competition
04-09-2019 PPT presentation on "A Tribute to Dr. Vikram Sarabhai - on Centenary Program"0rganized by Department of Physics,
B.K.M. Science College, Valsad.
07-09-2019 Essay Competition By Zoology
13-10-2019 GUJARAT SCIENCE ACADEMY,MINAXI -LALIT  SCIENCE AWARD 2020,Department of Botany, Bioinformatics and Climate Change Impacts Management, School of Science, Gujarat University, Ahmedabad oraganized a Physics based test
28-12-2019 Poster Making Competition by Mathematics Club
10-01-2020 Solar and Lunar Eclipse Power Point Presentation competition
18-01-2020 Participated in Mimamsa 2020 Prelims conducting , held at IIT Gandhinagar
19-01-2020 NGPE 2020 Examination
25-01-2020 Pratyaksha 2020 (i)Explore the Exibit, (ii) Extempore (iii)Quiz Competition at SVNIT
01-02-2020 Participated in GSA-INSA Competition on Scientific Presentation on the NOBEL PRIZES FOR THE YEAR 2019 & got 2nd Prize At Under-graduate Leval 
12-02-2020 Inter College Elocution Competition
19-02-2020 CPEx Final 2020
28-02-2020 As a part of National Science Day Celebration Competition of Working Model of Electronics project Alloted to T.Y. Student 
01-05-2020 Online PPT Competition 


05-09-2020 e-Elocution Competition
organized by Department of Physics, Sheth P. T. Mahila
College of Arts & Home Science, Vanita Vishram, Surat
15-10-2020 Inter- College Virtual Poster Making Competition oraganized by Department of Physics, Kanoria PG Mahila Mahavidyalaya
24-01-2021 NGPE 2021 Examination
01-03-2021 Inter College Poster Presentation Competition on "Nobel Prize in Physics - 2020" as a part of  " National Science Day Celebration" 
20-08-2021 to 02-10-2021 Participated in NAEST Organized by  NANI unit of  IAPT in collabration with Vigyan Prasar and Shiksha Sopan