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Sir P. T. Sarvajanik College of Science (Autonomous)

Re-Accredited A+ with CGPA 3.35



  • The institute has regularly maintained clean, spacious and lush green campus, a bird-friendly abode
  • There are well-maintained botanical gardens in campus
  • All the samples of the specimen which are required for the students of final year B.Sc. and M.Sc. (Botany) for their study are available in our botanical garden
  • The botanical garden is enriched with various Medicinal, Ornamental and Taxonomy plants, to name a few
    • Medicinal Plants: Adhutoda Vasica, Aloe barbendeme, Azadirachta Indica, Tylophera Indica, Ocimum Sanctum
    • Ornamental: Cycan, Euphoria, Ixora, Clitoria, Caesalpinia, Nerium, Hibiscus, Opuntia
    • Taxonomy: Malvaceae - Hibiscus, Nyctaginaceae – Bougainvillea, Apocynaceae – Nerium, Thevetia Peravian, Mimosaceae – Mimosa pudica
  • The fertilizer necessary for maintaining the botanical gardens is obtained from vermicompost unit installed in campus and which convert dry waste into natural fertilizer
  • Our institute has collaboration with nature club, Surat to establish garden enriched with the butterfly attracting plant